A keen entrepreneur and ideas man who has many years of experience developing and managing teams and inventing products which are simple, yet effective. Martin has been involved with many start-ups and businesses in many different fields, and specialises in the legalities having worked hard on the patent to get that finalised and secured in April 2015.

Martin St-Gallay
“The Boss”

The Builder & Navigator

Cato has had a wealth of experience in the development of many small to medium sized businesses. Working within the sports and leisure sector through his career, he is well connected in this area as well as having experienced family members who have worked with factories on the supply chain side of sourcing products from China and Hong Kong. Also with consultancy and hands on logistical experience as an Commercial & Operations Director for a serviced based logistics business recently he has been brought on board to make this project a reality.

Cato Choi
“The Builder & Navigator”


The idea for Locksit was born after I saw a father riding with a helmet followed by his son without one. Following this, I started to notice how common a sight this actually was.The use of cycling helmets is a much debated topic, and yet what remains clear throughout any discussion is the significant benefit they have on a cyclist’s safety.

I always noticed people either didn’t wear a helmet (creating a huge safety issue), carried one (an inconvenience) or threaded it clumsily through their bike lock leaving it to dangle on the floor (creating an obstruction).

As no one had specifically designed a product to simply lock your helmet to your bike safely and securely, I decided to invent the Locksit. I took it’s rough sketches to a UK designer in December 2012 and two and a half years, three prototypes and secure worldwide patents later, it was finished.

As a parent of three, I know that it’s imperative that children wear helmets. Only 18% of kids under 14 wear one, and this demographic is actually at the greatest risk. We want to make peoples life that little bit safer and easier. If we can encourage helmet use, especially among children, then we will have achieved our overriding corporate goal”.